Soap Support Removed from VS 2008 C++

After loads of searching, it turns out that Microsoft officially removed SOAP support from Visual Studio 2008 C++. The code can be added from [CodePlex]. Basically, a portion of the code became open source and was removed from Visual Studio to avoid potential legal issues in the future. This functionality is referred to as the [AtlServer]. [VS Team Studio blog] has a post about the separation being a good thing. But really, not having the web reference integrated, this sucks. Maybe [WCF] could work from unmanaged C++. No… how about [gSoap].

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P5N-E SLI with 8G RAM

I learned something about RAM tonight. I put in the full 8GB of RAM into my [P5N-E] and the bios wouldn’t boot up. I read some helpful forum posts that directed me to adjust my RAM speed and voltage. Now the RAM I put in is 5-4-4-12-2 Mushkin (4 X 2G). Recommended voltage is 1.8-2.1V. This is 800MHz ram, but it needs higher voltage to run all 4 sticks. To be safe you can still run under less than 2.1V if you adjust the RAM timing to 667 MHz. I did that and it works like a charm. I’m now running Vista 64-bit with 8GB of RAM.

Gateway FX4710

Okay, I picked up the [FX4710-UB802A] to replace the [FX7029E]. Now I’m in the process of backing up my files and setting up my [preferred development environment]. I was a little surprised because the ps2 keyboard was not usb and the speakers are a little bigger than the mouse. I’m a little concerned that I’ve had to repair Vista lots after [many reboots failed with a black screen], and I had to use the Norton Removal Tool to get [Norton uninstalled]. The Gateway/Vista automatic repair feature is both good and bad. Pro: it will restore your harddrive files to the last known good state. Con: That includes any external harddrives, so if you backed up any files, they will be removed (DANGER). I have 90-days for return from Sept 6th, 2008 just in case any issues arise. The [motherboard] supports up to 8GB of [DDR2 800 MHz DIMM memory] which matches the specs on my [IBUYPOWER] [Asus P5N-E]. FX4710 had some kind of boot issue that I can’t rely on. Back to the store it goes.

Dead Pixel (continued)

I stopped at Costco and tried to exchange my [FX7029E]‘s monitor with a [dead pixel]. Unfortunately, I couldn’t since the item is no longer in stock. I basically have to return my desktop before Sept. 11th. The new BATES 9000 replacement option is the [FX4710-UB802A] which comes with the next generation video card and 2 less usb slots and 1 more pci slot. I’ll have to setup my [preferred development environment] again, and backup all my stuff… And if I need to backup, I’ll need a [Backup Harddrive]. I’ve been skating on the memory edge of 4GB and need to expand to [8GB].