Unity: CEF Proxy

I used a proxy with a custom build of [CEF] to send speech data to the [Word Detection Unity Plugin].

Copy a recent TestApp build from `Branch 2704` (Windows 64-bit) from [Chromium Embedded Framework 3 Builds] into the `CefGlue.Demo.WinFormsProxy` output folder to get all the dependent libraries.

Or download a build of the [SpeechProxy].

Quick Start Guide:

1. Command-line arguments are used to enable speech detection

CefGlue.Demo.WinFormsProxy.exe --enable-speech-input

2. Use the help menu to [acquire keys] for the Speech API

3. Enable the `Speech API Private API`

4. The Speech API has a `queries per day` quota.

5. Assign the Speech API keys

6. Open the [Chrome Speech Demo] to verify that the Speech API is working

7. The [Google Developers Console] shows traffic hitting the Speech API.

8. The Unity Proxy Speech Detection Plugin communicates with the Speech Proxy (email support@theylovegames.com to get access to the beta)

9. Use a proxy port that matches the port in Unity

10. The proxy URL should be pointed at the HTTPS proxy script https://theylovegames.com/speech_proxy/ when connecting to Unity.