Maker Mind Meld Summit 2019

December 7 to December 13 [Maker Mind Meld Summit] is a free online event.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Maker Mind Meld summit:

  • Learn how to design and build your own central processing unit, and understand how every functional component works.
  • Discover how you can drive beautiful animation and graphics with an Arduino Uno.
  • Learn how to contribute to Open Source even if you are not a programmer, help improve the software you use every day, and apply Open Source principles in your projects.
  • Learn how to use the CAN bus to power your next IoT application; because wireless is not always better.
  • Get a taste of JSON for Arduino, and learn how to exchange data with cloud applications using this light-weight data format.
  • Go behind the scenes of a printed circuit board manufacturer and understand what happens to your Gerber files once you submit them (and use this knowledge to create better PCB designs).
  • Understand why Making is important, not just at a personal level, but for the whole world.
  • Get a taste of FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array) and how they can complement your project’s microcontroller.
  • How to go low-tech with wood and simple hand tools to create beautiful Kumiko panels.
  • How to use the principles of model-based development to develop, simulate and deploy control algorithms; use them to power your next robot or vehicle.
  • Lean how to use a RESTful API design to control your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ESP32 gadgets with minimal code.
  • Learn about the basics of embedded design and apply this knowledge to build gadgets that use ARM Cortex processors.
  • Find why the Blockchain is a a technology on the rise that is finding its way into the world of the Internet of Things and Education.
  • Learn about 3D design tools and 3D printers, and get a practical introduction by designing a simple 3D object

Speakers include world-class experts such as…

  • Simon Monk
  • John Teel
  • Jason Long
  • Dal Gemmell
  • Zafar Iqbal
  • Vladimir Mariano
  • Richard Park
  • Jordan Christman

Hosted by Peter Dalmaris: [Podcast]