C++ Wrapping DLL Methods

The Visual Studio command prompt has a tool dumpbin which prints all the extern functions and exposed class methods for working with a particular DLL. The output shows the method signatures needed for the LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress calls.

dumpbin /exports NameOfLibrary.dll

Painting Contest – Meet Mat 2

[Meet Mat 2]

A few simple steps:
★ Get Substance Painter. A free trial licence of Substance Painter will cover the whole length of the contest.
★ Get MATThe ‘MeetMat’ model is included in the latest version of Substance Painter. If you’re using a previous version of the software, get the model here.
★ Texture MAT with Substance Painter. There’s no theme, just have fun!
★ Do your magic and hit ‘render’.
★ Submit your work in the submission form by February 4.