Received Emotiv Insight and Extender

The Emotiv Insight is a brain controlled input device originally funded by [Kickstarter].

Me: *** Unity Plugin **** if you want access to the Community Emotiv Unity plugin and you have an EEG Insight, email The [Word Detection] package has been extended to include raw EEG processing. You can support development by purchasing the [Word Detection] package or just shoot an email to get access.

Emotiv: [Insight Control Panel] (Firefox)

Emotiv: [Insight EEG Viewer] (Firefox)

Emotiv: [My Downloads]

Emotiv: [Frequently Asked Questions]

Emotiv: [Emotiv USB Receiver] enables a better Insight connection on Mac and Windows

Emotiv: [Emotiv G+ Beta Community]

Emotiv: [Github Issue Tracker] * Best way to interact with engineering team *

Emotiv: [Forum]

Emotiv: [Github Emotiv Community SDK]

Dependencies: Be sure to check the [Install Visual C++ 2015 Tools for Windows Desktop] box when installing [Visual Studio 2015] to be able to use the C++ examples.

Dependencies: The C++ Examples also require installing [Visual Studio 2010] Build Tools.