Original Prusa Enclosure assembly v1.02

    If you decide to generate your G-codes, it is recommended to use:

    Material: PETG
    0.2 mm layer height QUALITY preset
    Infill: 20% GRID

    Print items before assembly.

    [Door-hinge.stl] X 4


    [MK3S Printed Parts]

    [Enclosure spool holder – base]

    [Prusa Enclosure Spool Holder Rod / Arm]

    (Optional) It could be easier to upgrade from MK3S to MK3S+ outside the enclosure – [Original Prusa i3 MK3/MK3S to MK3S+ upgrade]

    All the enclosure assembly steps for all models – [Original Prusa Enclosure assembly v1.02]

    Assemble the enclosure up to adding the PSU – [3. Assembling the enclosure]

    Disconnect the Silver PSU/LED – [2B. Preparing the printer (MK3S+ Silver PSU)]

    Reassemble everything in the enclosure – [4B. Installing the printer (MK3S+ Silver PSU)]

    Optional Add-On – [9. Quick release PSU cable – MK3S+ Black PSU (add-on)]