Wasmer – WebAssembly Runtime

[Wasmer] is a blazing fast and secure WebAssembly runtime that enables incredibly lightweight containers to run anywhere: from Desktop to the Cloud, Edge and even the browser

Install with PowerShell:
iwr https://win.wasmer.io -useb | iex

Install with Scoop:
scoop install wasmer

[Wasmer C API]

[Wasmer Go]


Issue: [Running golang created WASM with CLI lacks wasm_exec.js bindings]

Wasmer doesn’t have wasm_exec.js implemented yet… [as described by the FAQ]

error: Unable to instantiate the WebAssembly module
╰─▶ 1: Error while importing “gojs”.”runtime.scheduleTimeoutEvent”: unknown import. Expected Function(FunctionType { params: [I32], results: [] })