HTTPS HttpListener

I need to setup an HTTPS server on localhost that doesn’t show a browser security exception.

[Sails docs]

First, I added an entry to the Windows hosts file: (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) # Chroma SDK lighting

And then restart the browser.

Browse the server/port [HTTPS] which should proxy to [HTTP localhost:54235/razer/chromasdk].

[NodeJS Training]

Install the [Atom] Editor.

[NodeJS Express over HTTPS]

And it works!

I had to register a valid domain and then [order a trusted certificate] for that domain to avoid the browser security warning.

MFC Chroma Editor

[CChromaEditor] is a work in progress to pack the functionality of [UE4ChromaSDK] and [UnityChromaSDK] into a Windows DLL.

[GameMakerChromaExtension] uses a GameMaker extension to load the embedded MFC DLL.

[ConsoleChromaEditor] is a C# Console app for testing the embedded MFC DLL.

[Enhanced Color Button]

[Embedded MFC in DLL]

[GameMaker SetDisplay Extension]

if os_type==os_windows

[GameMaker Importing Resources]