[VirtualBox 4.0.4] adds some GUI enhancements to the virtualization software. Be sure to also install the “VirtualBox 4.0.4 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack” to support USB 2.0.

I had some initial issues running a guest of Windows XP on Windows-7. The same guest worked on Linux and MacOS. It turned out to be necessary to disable the 3d acceleration in the VM settings to avoid a crash during start-up.

To install 3d-acceleration on a Windows-XP guest, you have to boot into safe-mode.

Developing Android Apps

  1. Eclipse makes developing apps for Android super easy with the [ADT] add-on. Download [Eclipse]. You need the [Android SDK] to develop and install your Android app over USB.
  2. After you launch Eclipse, install the [ADT] add-on and restart Eclipse.
  3. Setup the path to the Android SDK in the Eclipse preferences
  4. Download and setup the [AVD] Android SDK platforms to sync with a device or virtual device. Window->Android SDK and AVD Manager
  5. Now you can create an Android project. File->New->Other-> expand Android and select Android Project.
  6. [GrepCode] is a useful Eclipse plugin.

MacbookPro Upgrade 8GB RAM

So I learned a little thing about Macs. When you get a back, order the least amount of memory possible from the Apple store because they overcharge by a lot. So I overpaid, and then got a good price to max out at new egg.

When I installed the hardware, I dropped a couple of the laptop screws, which I spent 10 minutes looking for. These screws are literally the size of a spec of dirt.

After the RAM is installed, I booted from a Ununtu CD and ran the memory test.

The more RAM, the better everything works. TADA