html5 in unreal engine 4.24 – package unreal engine games for the web.


[Install Python 3.8.2]

[Install CMake]

[Install Git Bash]

[Install the .Net 4.6.2 Developer Pack]

Open the Bash Shell and clone the repro/branch.

git clone -b 4.24-html5 UnrealEngineHtml_4_24

Turn off the App execution aliases for Python.

Add support for the HTML5 platform:

cd Engine/Platforms/HTML5
cd ../../../

Run: ./GenerateProjectFiles.bat

Open UE4.sln in Visual Studio 2017.

Set Solution Configuration to Development Editor.

Set Solution Platform to Win64.

Set Startup Projects to AutomationTool.

Build the following projects:


Launch Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe.

[Issues related to App execution alias and dependencies]

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