Windows saying my msi installer is a virus

[Windows saying my msi installer is a virus]


C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.22621.0\x64\signtool.exe


[Sectigo Timestamp Server]

[Code Signing Certificate $429]

[UWP_SelfSignedCert] – Browser still blocks as a virus using a self-signed certificate.

[Code signing certificate for open-source projects]

[Github: About commit signature verification]

AppKit C# Wrapper for MacOS

[AppKit C# Wrapper for MacOS]

using MonoMac.AppKit;

namespace Blazor_MacOS_UI
    internal class NativeUtils
        public static string GetActiveWindowTitle()
            NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace = NSWorkspace.SharedWorkspace;
            NSRunningApplication currentApp = NSRunningApplication.CurrentApplication;

            // Get the process identifier of the frontmost (foreground) application
            int processIdentifier = currentApp.ProcessIdentifier;

            // Get the NSRunningApplication for the frontmost application
            NSRunningApplication frontmostApp = NSRunningApplication.GetRunningApplication(processIdentifier);

            // Get the localized name (title) of the frontmost application's main window
            string foregroundWindowTitle = frontmostApp.LocalizedName;

            return foregroundWindowTitle;


Running JavaScript in WebAssembly with WasmEdge

[Running JavaScript in WebAssembly with WasmEdge]

[Github: Wasmedge]

[Install and uninstall WasmEdge]

[Build and run a standalone WebAssembly app]

Missing exec_wasm.js

wasmedge ..\wasm\hello.wasm
[2023-11-21 16:12:43.280] [error] instantiation failed: unknown import, Code: 0x62
[2023-11-21 16:12:43.281] [error] When linking module: “gojs” , function name: “runtime.scheduleTimeoutEvent”
[2023-11-21 16:12:43.282] [error] At AST node: import description
[2023-11-21 16:12:43.283] [error] At AST node: import section
[2023-11-21 16:12:43.283] [error] At AST node: module

Try to include exec_wasm.js

wasmedge –dir .:. ../wasm/hello.wasm js/wasm_exec.js WasmEdge Runtime
[2023-11-21 16:18:26.949] [error] instantiation failed: unknown import, Code: 0x62
[2023-11-21 16:18:26.950] [error] When linking module: “gojs” , function name: “runtime.scheduleTimeoutEvent”
[2023-11-21 16:18:26.950] [error] At AST node: import description
[2023-11-21 16:18:26.950] [error] At AST node: import section
[2023-11-21 16:18:26.951] [error] At AST node: module

Wasmer – WebAssembly Runtime

[Wasmer] is a blazing fast and secure WebAssembly runtime that enables incredibly lightweight containers to run anywhere: from Desktop to the Cloud, Edge and even the browser

Install with PowerShell:
iwr -useb | iex

Install with Scoop:
scoop install wasmer

[Wasmer C API]

[Wasmer Go]


Issue: [Running golang created WASM with CLI lacks wasm_exec.js bindings]

Wasmer doesn’t have wasm_exec.js implemented yet… [as described by the FAQ]

error: Unable to instantiate the WebAssembly module
╰─▶ 1: Error while importing “gojs”.”runtime.scheduleTimeoutEvent”: unknown import. Expected Function(FunctionType { params: [I32], results: [] })

Building, Integrating, and Deploying ClearScript

[Building, Integrating, and Deploying ClearScript]


[Getting started with embedding V8]

[NuGet package for V8 JavaScript Engine]

NuGet\Install-Package v8-v143-x86 -Version

Add to C++ Additional Include Folders: packages\v8-v143-x86.\include

Add to library Additional Include Folders: packages\v8-v143-x86.\lib\$(ConfigurationName)

Copy DLLs to the output folder: COPY /Y "packages\v8.redist-v143-x86.\lib\$(ConfigurationName)*.DLL" $(OutDir)

Example V8 Code: Github – [Clr_V8WebSocketClient]

Ugh: [WebSocket is not defined]


[Cyberduck] is a libre server and cloud storage browser for Mac and Windows with support for FTPSFTPWebDAVAmazon S3OpenStack SwiftBackblaze B2Microsoft Azure & OneDriveGoogle Drive and Dropbox.