72H GDC 29th-Aug 1st starts now

Theme suggestions can be given immediately. On July 15, when I announce it, stage 1 voting will begin. On July 22, stage 2 voting will begin. On July 29, at exactly 12:01 PM EST (that’s right after noon), the results of the voting will be announced and the competition will begin. On August 1, at exactly 12:01 PM EST, the competition will be over and no more entries will be accepted.

I apologize in advance for time conflicts you may have. Unfortunately, there’s no way to ensure that everyone gets all the time. I tried to select a time which would be most appealing to everyone.

Good afternoon.

The voting was close, but the theme that won out is…


Enjoy. There’s a lot you can do with the topic, so be creative and have fun. And if you haven’t read the rules, please go read them closely.