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If you have reached this page it either means you might want to contact me or you could be looking for my resume. In either case here is my email: And here is my resume.

Here follows an overview of what my career objectives are. I am currently doing software testing and development at InfoSpace Inc working on various Internet applications. I am in the search and directory product unit, integrating code coverage/profiling tools with web search applications along with leading QA through testing other search&directory products.

Eventually I'd like to take my career in two directions. I'd like to work in game development (1), but then there is also the engineering field (2).
  1. The world of gaming occupies my idle time. I am drawn to gaming like a moth to a flame. It is a force of nature embedded in my subconscious. Gaming to me isn't necessarily playing Pictionary or Quake 3; gaming to me can be art and coding too. I find coding fun, while it also gives me a sense of accomplishment by putting ideas and concepts together. I use art as an outlet for ideas. And I use images to conceptualize and to solve problems. I can do both in the gaming world, where my creativity can be catalyzed. Socrates suggests to achieve maximum performance with respect to creativity, the work environment should be fun and relaxing, which coincidentally is the exact atmosphere that gaming provides.

  2. The engineering field brings about new possibilities in specialized areas like embedded systems and robotics. By shear exposure innovations in these areas I could easily develop great things in manufacturing and biotechnology. Before entering engineering, I'd like to pursue an electrical engineering degree. I'd like to continue my education by taking a 4th quarter of calculus and courses in (differential equations, linear algebra, physics, and engineering). Of course, I'd be eager to work for any company that would offer me a chance to go back to school.