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2003.01.08 - Nanosim3d
Visit the project page. This is an initial post of the Nanosim3D code. This project is intended to use 3DS animated models and possibly md2/md3 models. This is early brainstorming/framework for a StarCraft type strategy game. Download the source code here.
2002.11.07 - LOD Extension
Visit the project page. Here's an attempt to convert Nanosim into a 3D app by extending the implementation of Stefan Krause's LOD-Demo Version 2.

After talking with Stefan (in Germany) through email and making a minor bug fix, his library actually imported my Sand Harvestor model appropriately (position, rotation, and scale keyframes). This screen shot depicts the Sand Harvestor in motion actually walking around a sphere with a Mars texture. The num pad arrow keys rotate the view around the planet.

2002.10.30 - SimpleGL Engine
Visit the project page. SimpleGL Engine: SimpleGL Engine is a 3D engine capable of parsing sgl files and 3ds files. SimpleGL is a project I created to interpret 3D Studio Max 3DS meshes and familiarize myself with 3D fundamentals. One cool feature of this project is that some primitive shapes can be interpreted from 3d mesh coordinates and made into qaudrics.
2002.07.24 - Nanosim
Visit the project page. Nanosim will be a simulation/strategy game similar to StarCraft with the purpose of converting astroids, planets, and stars into sustainable resources.
2002.07.02 - Company Research Tool
Visit the project page. Back in July, INSP stock kept oscillating below and above $1. A few months later, INSP had been delisted from the Russell 3000 Index. I looked at the website and found not only delisting information, but a list of recent additions as well. The additions listed names with stock symbols, but lacked any real company descriptions. Rather than manually research each company individually, I wrote a quick Perl script to do the research for me. The script iterates through each stock symbol and gathers 3 important items from resources on the web.
  1. The company's location
  2. The company's website
  3. The company's portfolio
The script nicely displays this information in an easy to read web file. This made it easy to research successful companies within a given geographical area.
2000.01.23 - VRANN 1.0.a
This project progressed from the early Matlab implementation into more evolved C++. This used the Allegro library for sound input and graphical output. Download the source here.
1999.08.12 - VRANN 1.0
Visit the project page. Voice Recognition Artificial Neural Network (VRANN): This application identifies the identity of a user speaking in the microphone. This project was inspired by a Neural Network assignment at the UW. The source can be download here. Recently, (2002-10-24) included all the VRANN project files. Download here.
1999.05.04 - Allegro Fire
This application generates fire and smoke or cold and steam depending on how the palette is set. This was written in straight C using the Allegro graphics library. Download the sources here and here.
1999.02.28 - 2D Transformations
This application uses C++ to parse commands from text files to draw primitives, create objects, and perform basic transformations. Download the source here. 11KB
1999.01.04 - Black Jack similation
This application uses C++ to simulate multiple games of Blackjack. The program also uses Qbasic to display the results of each simulation to the user. Download the source here. 115KB
Winter 1999 - Julia Fractal
This application displays the Julia Fractal while allowing the user to navigate and manipulate the fractal. The arrow keys scroll accordingly while "*" and "/" increase and decrease fractal iterations. "+" and "-" zoom in and out. Download the source here.
Winter 1999 - Mandelbrot Fractal
This application displays the Mandelbrot Fractal while giving the user all the same controls as the "Julia Fractal". Download the source here.
Winter 1999 - Unnamed Fractal
A non-repeating fractal created while attempting to create the "Julia Fractal". It has all the same controls as the "Julia Fractal". Second image is another view at a few times magnification. Download the source here.
Spring 1999 - Unnamed Fractal in C/Allegro
This is a modification of the "Unnamed Fractal". The implementation changed from C++/OpenGL to C/Allegro. The application also displays navigation information for the user. You can download the source here.
Winter 1999 - Koch Curve
This application draws successive iterations of Koch Curves by pressing the spacebar. Download the source here.
1992 - Map Drawer in Qbasic
This module allows the user to draw map tiles that can be used by the "Map Tile System". This application migrated from its original 1999 GW-Basic version. Download the source here.
1992 - Map Displayer in Qbasic
This module displays pre-set map tiles created by the map placer module as part of the "Map Tile System". Download the source here.
1992 - Map Placer in Qbasic
This application allows the user to place map tiles on a map grid that can be displayed later with map displayer module as part of the "Map Tile System". Download the source here.