Devin is now 6 months and 8 days old

These last few weeks have been amazing. Devin has really advanced physically and it’s so fun to see it. A few weeks ago Devin took off on his crawling and rolling movements with purpose. He is now trying to go, go, go. My little acrobat is everywhere. For example I was watching him play across the room from the couch and the next thing I know he does 5 flip rolls and a small crawl and he’s right their reaching for me with arms extended.
Then around last week or so he started sitting up on his own. At first it was for a few seconds and now it’s pretty much as long as he wants. He even plays with toys with both hands as he’s sitting up. He’s been extending and reaching for toys and being able to stay in the sitting position, so I went out and bought some new ones he can play with while sitting up. I think he just advanced to the stage where we get to play with the fun toys. It’s also great because I can leave him on the floor while he entertains himself now. Although I love playing with him!!!
Yesterday, we were rolling a ball back and forth and he extended to far over and went into a crawl position, then when he reached the ball he managed to push himself back into a sitting position from the crawl pose. I am so impressed. 🙂
Yesterday Devin wanted to stand up and hang onto things. He kept practicing his letting go and then grabbing on maneuver. And then last night I had gotten him out of the tub and he was hanging onto the side. I thought it was so funny because he looked like he was trying to climb back in. Well I called in dh to show him what Devin was doing and we were laughing. Well that grabbed Devin’s attention and then he did a trick for us. He let go of the bath tub and stood without holding on for about 7-10 seconds. He just stood there balancing with both arms in the air and a great big smile. He looked so excited. Then when he lost his balance he managed to grab back onto the tub. He did it about 5 more times before losing the feel of the balanced footing. It was amazing. 🙂 And we were both there to watch it.
I really love watching my wonderful son grow and develop. You should have seen the smile on his face!
I just uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures to [ ]

P.S. Devin has two teeth!

XP Pro on VMware

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