Linae Finished her Masters Paper

The title of the paper is: “How Does Teaching Student To Program Animation Help Them Learn Math?” The paper can be viewed at [] .

The paper looks at how teachers have used programming to teach math. During the master’s project, Linae also worked at an animation camp. The project talks about the camp and has screenshots of the students’ animation. The screenshot above is a view of one of the programs that the students created.

Amazon Trail

Linae just completed another [article] about “Game Use in Children’s Lives and in the Classroom”.

Download the [DOC] and [PPT] presentation to read all about it!

“For my Everyday Technologies in Youth Culture class I looked at game use in children’s lives and how teachers can use games in the classroom. Included in the paper was a write up on how to use Amazon Trail in a 3rd grade curriculum” (Linae, 2005).