Swagger IO: Automate client code generation

The [Swagger.IO Editor] UI is great for generating code, but sometimes you want to automate the whole process. You might have to do that if your REST API has upcoming changes and if you always want to keep your client up to date.

Swagger definition files: [ChromaSwaggerDefinition]


Make sure you have [JDK7] (or better) and [Maven] in your path.

[Getting Started] shows a quick example for getting the project with GIT clone and generating a client on the command-line.

1 GIT Clone [tgraupmann-swagger-codegen]

2 Run [maven_clean_package] after cloning the repo

3 The [generate_java_clients.cmd] script will auto-generate the Razer Arena JAVA clients.

@todo: [automate these changes in the swagger java templates]

Implemented: Get the changes with a [Pull Request]

NDK Target 23

Here is a strange [NDK issue]. I had to move the native code to its own module with a min SDK, target SDK, and compile tools set to API 21 in order to get the native library to load properly. This started happening after upgrading to `android-ndk-r12b`.