NodeJS – Xbox Controller Interface

[Xbox Controller Interface] is an older NodeJS package that detects XBOX 360 controller events

[NodeXboxControllerMidi] is attempt to use several NodeJS packages to interact with XBOX ONE Controllers and MIDI, without success.

…End of NodeJS attempt at Xbox Controller + MIDI…

vs [C++ xInput] – C++ XInput has supported XBOX controllers for years.

[XInput SimpleController] – The XInput sample works with XBOX controllers out of the box.

[Windows Driver Kit] – Documentation on the WDK

[forum] “A kernel level driver is need to ensure the lowest latency and highest compatibility with other software.”

[forum] “The Dmusuart, Ddksynth, and Fmsynth samples in the Windows DDK show how to build miniport drivers that interface with DirectMusic and MIDI APIs”

Dmusuart – [DirectMusic UART Driver Sample] [html]

Ddksynth – [DirectMusic Software Synthesizer Sample] [html]

Fmsynth – [FM Synthesizer Driver Sample] [html]

[Developing, Testing, and Deploying Drivers]