Sector13 at the International Games Festival

We sent our final IGF build to the [International Games Festival] just two hours before the deadline of Oct 1st 11:59p PST. I spent all day trying to upload, but because of DNS problems had to keep resending our 431M build. We have a really good chance this year. I spent a good three months just focusing on bug fixes, performance, and memory leaks. The game runs super fast now. The game is stable. There shouldn’t be any crash to desktop bugs. There are improvements to the installer. There are enhancements to the skybox, including animated textures on the station and other platforms. There are more ships, more explosions, and more music. Anyway, check us out at the IGF and [vote for us].

Sector13 [Next Feature]

This is a screenshot of an effect that I am reproducing in my next task for [Daetrexx engine glows]. The Ogre version will be slightly different, different color, length based on speed, and more concentrated. That is… if I can pull spare time out of my hat.

The original effect can be achieved by adding a solar flare, using an animated texture for the exhaust, adding some volume with funnel textures (4 axis aligned billboards), and a face texture (as seen from the back). Now the face texture actually needs to be just behind the solar flare, otherwise it would appear as an out of place artifact.

The effect in action: