Devin’s First Unity Program

Devin completed his first Unity program while taking the [Udemy Unity Course].

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class NumberQizards : MonoBehaviour
    int max = 1000;
    int min = 1;
    int guess;

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start()

    void StartGame ()
        print("Pick a number in your head but dont tell me.");

        max = 1000;
        min = 1;
        guess = 500;

        print("The highist number you can pick is " + max);
        print("The lowest number you can pick is " + min);

    void NextGuess()
        print("Is the number higher or lower then " + guess + "?");
        print("Up arrow for higher , down arrow for lower");
    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.UpArrow))
            min = guess;
            guess = Mathf.FloorToInt((max + min) / 2f);

        else if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.DownArrow))
            max = guess;
            guess = Mathf.CeilToInt((max + min) / 2f);


        else if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Return))
            print("You won!");

Update on Devin @ 9 months & 15 days

Devin has grown so much in the last couple of weeks that I’d thought I’d share all the fun things we’ve been going through. 🙂

Devin just had 4 top teeth break through all at once. So now he has his 2 bottom teeth completly in and his 4 top teeth partially in. While it was tough on him having the teeth come through the gums, now that they are through he is sleeping better and using his teethers a lot less. While he still uses the teethers a little bit it’s a lot better then it was.

Devin now has two different crawling methods. His usual one is where he crawls around on his knees, but lately he’s added crawling around on flat feet and straight legs to his repitor. It’s interesting to see. I think he’s trying to figure out how to push himself into standing without using objects but just hasn’t discovered how yet.

Devins been using objects to pull him self into a standing position for a while now. He’s now expanded onto that by stepping away from the objects. Devin can now take about 3 steps and make a turn before falling and he’s able to stand without holding on for about a minute and a half. He’s also learned to go down slowly when he’s about to fall so he doesn’t just tip over. It’s been so cool to watch him slowly piece together how to walk. 🙂 He’s also climbing over the bins of toys we lined up as a barrier across the room. When he’s not climbing over them and sitting on top of them, he is pushing them out of the way so he can get through. It’s funny it’s like a maze of bins sometimes and he finds his way through to us. I think his climbing ability has really grown since we play on a toy boat at the mall once a week. 🙂

Devin language has also exploded in the last two weeks. He’s started saying mommy and mama when he’s not crying. Yeah!!! He use to just say it when he really needed me and was crying. He also now is linking mom and dad together. Yeasterday he said “Mom an’ Dad” while we were on the bed watching tv. It was very cool. He’s also been able to say so many objects that I couldn’t list them all. A few are egg nog, cookie, dog, bird, cat, kitty, snake, ish for fish, etc. and he has down a few animal sounds like moo, and baa. I’m not sure if he knows them now or is just mimicing what he has heard. With Devin words seem to come and go. He’ll say them a lot one month and then they disappear the next. Although this time he’s brought back a lot of words he’s said in the past like hi, who, hug, left, and egg which is always a favorite. He mostly says mom, mama, dad, and daddy. A big difference this time is he started talking around strangers too. Before he’d say a word around someone he didn’t know very rarely and very quietly, now he just says it in a normal voice.

It’s been so fun watching him grow! Sometimes it seems like so much development occurs all at once. 🙂 What a treat!!!

We also upload new pictures of Devin on our flickr accounts every couple of days. New pictures can be found at:

Linae’s flickr account – ***new pics***

Tims flickr account link -***new pics***

Jesses Baby Photos

Links to video
Devin saying who & hi

Link to several videos of Devin including Devin saying egg and singing

Devin is now 6 months and 8 days old

These last few weeks have been amazing. Devin has really advanced physically and it’s so fun to see it. A few weeks ago Devin took off on his crawling and rolling movements with purpose. He is now trying to go, go, go. My little acrobat is everywhere. For example I was watching him play across the room from the couch and the next thing I know he does 5 flip rolls and a small crawl and he’s right their reaching for me with arms extended.
Then around last week or so he started sitting up on his own. At first it was for a few seconds and now it’s pretty much as long as he wants. He even plays with toys with both hands as he’s sitting up. He’s been extending and reaching for toys and being able to stay in the sitting position, so I went out and bought some new ones he can play with while sitting up. I think he just advanced to the stage where we get to play with the fun toys. It’s also great because I can leave him on the floor while he entertains himself now. Although I love playing with him!!!
Yesterday, we were rolling a ball back and forth and he extended to far over and went into a crawl position, then when he reached the ball he managed to push himself back into a sitting position from the crawl pose. I am so impressed. 🙂
Yesterday Devin wanted to stand up and hang onto things. He kept practicing his letting go and then grabbing on maneuver. And then last night I had gotten him out of the tub and he was hanging onto the side. I thought it was so funny because he looked like he was trying to climb back in. Well I called in dh to show him what Devin was doing and we were laughing. Well that grabbed Devin’s attention and then he did a trick for us. He let go of the bath tub and stood without holding on for about 7-10 seconds. He just stood there balancing with both arms in the air and a great big smile. He looked so excited. Then when he lost his balance he managed to grab back onto the tub. He did it about 5 more times before losing the feel of the balanced footing. It was amazing. 🙂 And we were both there to watch it.
I really love watching my wonderful son grow and develop. You should have seen the smile on his face!
I just uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures to [ ]

P.S. Devin has two teeth!

3 month news letter

A lot of changes and events have happened in the last 3 months. read on for more information…
Devin was born on May 3rd, 2007. He is such a great baby. He is very happy and easy going. Devin constantly has full face grins and laughs a lot. When he’s not laughing Devin likes to analyze peoples facial expressions and tries to mimic them. Devin also likes to listen intensely to conversations.

At three months, Devin is cooing like crazy. Devin makes all his vowel sounds and every day he is adding new consonant sounds to his coos. His favorite songs are ABCs and ABCs with sounds. ABCs with sounds is the ABC song rhythm, but I changed the words to A says ahh, b says buh, c says cuh, etc. Devin loves to coo along when they are being sung.

Devin has also started to say words. At 3 months, Devin is able to say who, how, owe, owie, uh oh, hi, I, A, unh uh for no, and yeah for yes. Tim & I also heard him say I love you twice in a row at two months. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard the words I love you all together since, but he is often saying I love you through sign language when he has his gloves off. To hear Devin say who and hi go to

Physically Devin has gown a lot. He is now in 9 month baby clothes, which translates to about 24 in and 14.8 lbs. Devin can roll from side to side, sometimes rolling all the way over onto his back or stomach. Devin can also reach towards objects, which is usually Mommy, Daddy, or his teddy bear. He has really strong legs and loves to stand while being lightly supported. One of his favorite things to do is to stand up and sit down over and over again.

I think Devin’s absolute favorite thing to do is to be tickled by Daddy. He just laughs and laughs. Tim has this crazy method of tickling. He’ll blow on Devin’s feet and then tickle Devin’s tummy like crazy. When Devin’s giggles start to subside, Tim will blow on his feet again and start the tickling all over. After all the tickling, Tim just has to look at Devin and he’ll crack up laughing.

Another game we like to play with Devin is an alternate version of the song: There was a farmer who had a dog and bingo was his name-o. We replaced the words with:

There is a boy who is so smart and Devin is his name

D – E – V – I – N, D – E – V – I – N, D – E – V – I – N

and Devin is your name.

For the song Devin lays on his back. On each letter we raise his legs, on the ‘Devin’ in the last line rub his tummy and then on ‘your’ touch his nose. He giggles and smiles like crazy when we sing it too him. It’s so fun!!! We are having a great time with Devin.

While keeping Devin and ourselves entertained we have also managed to do other things too. During Devin’s second month, I took a 5 credit college course in order to keep my teaching certificate. I have been so focused on Devin’s arrival that I didn’t realize that I was short two credits to renew my teaching certificate. I was taking a course for my Master’s degree, but it wouldn’t be finished in time. So, I had to finish a three month UW extension class in a few weeks. Taking the course while taking care of Devin was much harder then I had expected. So, I drew on the recruits for baby sitting duty. Devin’s Grammy Dana came to the rescue and watched Devin three days for a few hours each day. Devin had so much fun!!! Dana is such a wonderful Grandma. My sister Mary also came to the rescue watching Devin for two days. She even spent the night, which helped me get a little more sleep so I could focus on studying. Mary had Devin laughing like crazy with all their bouncing. Then Tim worked from home a week, so he could help watch Devin. With everyone’s help I managed to finish the course just in time and my teaching certificate was saved.

In early July, Tim stayed home with Devin for two weeks, while I implement my Master’s Project at a summer camp. My Master’s Project focuses on teaching students math by having them learn to program animation. Learning math through programming animation is a fun and safe way to learn math concepts. Mistakes can be seen on the screen, often resulting in funny actions such as a picture moving in very unexpected ways. The camp I implemented my project at was a lot of fun. The kids made some really fantastic animations. My last step is to write up a paper on the overall project. It should be done by the end of Fall quarter.

Tim has also been super busy. He has been working on three computer games while continuing to work at InfoSpace testing a news-content web portal. Tim did the weapon and explosion effects in Galactic Melee which was entered into Indie Game Showcase. If you are interested you can download and play the beta version of Galactic Melee at []. Tim is working on Sector 13 which is another 3d space shooter. Tim has been working on Sector 13 for a few years. Sector 13 was also entered into the Indie Game Showcase and can be downloaded and played []. The third game Tim just started working on is called Goon World as Technical Art Director. Goon World is in the beginning stages of development in the 5 year process and won’t be available to demo for a while.

The rest of the time we have been spending with Devin. We read lots of books, sing songs, and go for walks. We also have Devin do physically stimulating activities like tummy time, stand up/sit down, and practice taking steps. We have also brought Devin to the circus and the zoo. Having Devin around gives us a great reason to revisit some of our favorite sights in Seattle.

If you are interested in reading updates on our life you can go to our blog at [tagenigma]. You can also see our family pictures at [] & [].

We hope all of you are happy, healthy, and enjoying life!

Take care,

Linae, Tim, & Devin Graupmann

Baby Devin has arrived

Devin Ethan Graupmann

Gender: Male
Born: Thursday May 3rd, 2007 at
Time: 10:51 pm.
Weight: 8 lbs. 14 ounces
Height: 20
Head: 13
Chest: 14
Labor: 12 hours

Devin Ethan Graupmann

Gender: Male

Born: Thursday May 3rd, 2007 at

Time: 10:51 pm.

Weight: 8 lbs. 14 ounces.

Height: 20

Head: 13

Chest: 14

Labor: 12 hours

Baby Devin is so wonderful!!! He is cute, smart, and patient with us as we learn how to take care of him. He cries very little and seems to know what we need if we ask. There are so many times that he has responded to verbal request, that I have to wonder if it is really just a coincidence.

Devin had a few things that worried us borderline Jaundice, he was a little lethargic, and had a tough time eating enough. He lost 1 lb in the hospital. So we worked hard on getting him to eat. He fell a sleep quickly if he was not stimulated during feeding, so we had to tickle him or move his feet to keep his jaw moving to get the food. Every 4-10 minutes he had to be put through the paces (burping, diaper changing, crazy tickling) during feeding time.

Luckily, he is doing a lot better. It just took Devin some time to get use to eating, but he is doing great now. We also did a test on the Yellow Jaundice and while borderline they say at this point we will see it start to fade because yesterday was when it peeked. He is also a lot more active and opens his eyes for longer periods of time. Im so glad these issues are resolved and we can sit back and enjoy our new little one.

Emotionally I’m hyped up, excited, and a little unorganized due to being sleep deprived. 🙂 It’s so much fun having Devin and the moments when I just get to relax and hold him are so wonderful!!! Physically I’m sore. It was a tough labor for me. There was a lot of back pain and ripping. Thats expected though when you have a 13 inch head trying to fit through a 10 cm hole. I’m also trying to adjust to my new belly. It’s a weird physical feeling once the baby is no longer in there. Ive noticed everyday I feel a little better so hopefully I will be back to new in no time. Until then I have been trying to take it easy (although it is hard) and letting Tim take on a lot of the caring responsibilities.

Tim is doing wonderfully!!! He was so supportive during the birth. He was right there helping with everything. He was so attentive giving lots of back rubs, helping me stand when laying was to painful, distracting me from the pain when needed, and driving back and forth to the hospital. Once Devin was born he was there for both of us. He cut Devins umbilical cord and soon afterwards was holding Devin in his arms at the same time holding my hand through the rest of the birthing process. I think one of the most special memories of the birth was right afterwards when Devin started crying. Tim walked up to him and reached out to say, Hi. Devin looked up to see his father and instantly stopped crying.

Tim is also the most wonderful father I have ever seen. He is so in tune with Devin. He picked up all the diaper changing, burping, different holding positions, etc. like a pro. Whenever possible, he is holding and cuddling Devin. In the hospital Tim and Devin slept cuddled up right next to each other. It is so rewarding looking over and seeing my two guys together.

The labor was 12 hours long. Read on for labor story.

I started noticing a rhythmatic pattern to the contraction around 10:00 am on Thursday morning. They were coming pretty close together and were harder then anything I had had in the past, so I let Tim know this might be the day. I think the main signal was the intense back pain. We wrote down the times in which I rated them in intensity. The more intense ones were really painful with a knock me out type of back pain luckily these only seemed to occur 2 times in an hour at the beginning. We took our time getting ready. Took some pre-birth pictures, measured my tummy (50 in around), and put some snacks together for later just in case this was the day. We did any tasks we thought we needed done before the baby arrived. Then we headed off to town to start walking.

When we got to the hospital Tim wanted to go right into the birth center. I wanted to walk. Finally he talked me into going in and asking if the times we had written down were close enough to stay there or if we should go walking. The nurse said we were more then welcome to get checked in and hooked up to the monitor, but if I was still able to take time to rate the intensity it probably wasnt time. She suggested going grabbing something to eat because when I checked in I was stuck and would only be allowed liquids.

We went to get strawberry smoothies and sandwiches and then walked around the hospital for about 3 hours before going back into the birth center. I was having contractions the whole time and they were getting harder in intensity. Tim or the wall had to hold me up through several of them. Tim was pretty anxious to actually go into the birth center, but I didnt want to be stuck in a room until the birth. I wanted to wait until the last minute. After a while I got tired of walking and scaring the hospital staff. They were so nice and friendly and every time I had a contraction people near by would ask if I needed help. Finally, I gave in and went back to the birth center.

Once we went into the birth center they found I was dilated at 3 cm. The monitor showed I was having a couple of contractions every 5 minutes. They checked again in an hour and found that I was still at 3 cm, so sent us home. The nurse offered a pain pill that would knock me out and help me sleep, but I didnt want to be tired enough to want to sleep if the baby came later that day. At this point it was only around 4:00 pm. On the way home the contractions were coming harder and more painful. Tim kept asking if I wanted to go back, I said, No, Id rather be more comfortable at home. So, he kept driving.

Once at home I laid on the bed trying to relax. Every 3- 5 minutes Id have a contraction with intense back pain. Every time the pain started to build Tim would come in and give a back rub and then go back to work on the computer. As the pain became more intense I sat on the toilet because the seat would push on my back in a way that reduced the pain. Finally, when I felt like I wanted to push, Tim drove me to the hospital. I thought I was really close, almost to the point of having the baby.

When we finally arrived at the hospital and they checked for dilation I was only at 5 cm. I asked for pain meds, but they said, No. I did have the option of an epidural, but I was looking for something a little less intense then that. Without any type of pain medication this was to be a completely natural birth, using only breathing techniques to reduce the pain.

In the end, it was mainly one breathing technique that I hadnt learned well that I mainly needed. Because of the sensation to push they had me do grunts for breathing. This was kind of different because Tim and I learned to hold my head up in the air and say, Tah. Both my nurses didnt like that breathing method. One seemed to get upset and told me to use my breathing techniques. I didnt stop to tell her I was, although I was thinking it. The other one wanted me to say, Ugh, as grunts that was let out in little breaths. The first nurse had been out of the room when I had been given the advice and when she came back in she didnt like the grunt method either, but didnt offer an alternative so I ignored her. It was hard just to grunt and not push. Although knowing that if I pushed I would rip helped me keep focused on my breathing.

I used only three labor positions at the hospital. The first was when I got there I went straight to the toilet. Since it reduced the back pain during labor it was my favorite. Unfortunately, the nurses were very adamant about me getting off there. They didnt want me to sit there due to my feeling of needing to push. I guess I wasnt really the best patient because when the first nurse insisted I get off there I said, No. When she called the second nurse in and looked like they would physically pry me off, I did what they asked. They had me get into the bed, but the back pain was way too intense there. After being checked for dilatation and having the contractions monitored, I quickly got up and ended up hanging onto Tim. Hed hold me up through the heavy contractions and massage my back through the pain. When the contractions became so intense that I couldnt help but push a little standing up they made me get back into bed. I did a few negative head shakes at first, but they were pretty firm about what they wanted and expected. So back into bed it was, with me laying on my back and squirming in intense back pain.

In stories of most labors I hear about how the mother yells a lot at the father. I wasnt like that at all. I think through the worse pains I would say I love you to Tim and get a similar response back. It became like a chant that helped me get through the pain. My feelings towards one of the nurses though was quite possibly that intense annoyance that is usually directed at a father. I think it was her fault though. At the beginning when it hurt really bad instead of screaming I would say, it hurts, it hurts. The nurses response was, Of course its going to hurt. Your having a baby. That did it, she became the dislikable target. She also always wanted me to change something how I was breathing, my position, what I was saying. And she also was heavily trying to push a c-section even after I said, No. The second nurse was really nice. She was very encouraging. Telling me I could do it and giving advice when she saw I didnt know exactly what they were asking for. It felt like a good cop bad cop scenario. Tim on the other hand remained his lovable self. Responding to my it hurts, it hurts with hugs, kisses, and massages. He remained attentive waiting for any opportunity to help. How could I possibly have been mad at him. Nope, those feelings had to be directed at that awful nurse. Isnt it wonderful they provided an outlet for all that pent up frustration I was feeling, so it wasnt directed at someone I love?

As the labor progressed I dilated faster and faster until I finally reached 10 cm. Unfortunately, I still had to wait for the Dr. to arrive before I could push. When she finally arrived it was hard to change over to the intense pushing they wanted. When pushing one must hold their breath as long as possible during a contraction without letting any breath escape and push down. When oxygen is needed, a breath has to be grabbed quickly otherwise the babies head goes back in. It took me 8 sets of contractions to get the process right. Tim was able to see the crown of the head, then itd go back in, then out, then in, etc. Finally, I held my breath so long I thought the blood vessels in my face were going to explode. And I managed to push so hard that I felt a lower burning sensation and Devins head popped out. The cord was wrapped around his neck so I had to resist the sensation to push through the next couple of contractions. Once the cord was fixed I was able to push enough for the shoulders and arms to pop out. Once the arms appeared Tim and my stories get a little different. Tim insists that Devin just used his arms to crawl right out, but Im sure I remember having to do those last pushes.

Once he was out they put him on my stomach and Tim cut the cord. Then they quickly took him away cleaning him off and giving him meds for his eyes which they do with all babies. The Dr. then collected the cord blood. Tim and I decided to bank the cord blood just in case it was needed. It is amazing all the cures the cord blood can provide. It also has so many medical possibilities for future use. For a list of cures it provides check out

Once the cord blood was collected the placenta was delivered. Delivering the placenta was a piece of cake compared to the rest. Then the hard part began with 45 minutes of being sewed up. Ouch!!! I had 3rd degree ripping, which means that it ripped all the way into muscle. Luckily I had Tim there to hold my hand and help distract me from the pain. I also was able to watch our precious Devin being held in Tims other arm.

Finally, I was able to hold Devin. He was so soft, warm, and cuddly. Even after all that pain I couldnt help but smile. The feelings running through me were so intense and indescribable. Devin is the most precious baby I could ever wish for.

More pictures can be seen at

Bed Rest

I went in for a check up and ultra sound on the baby today. I went in thinking that everything would be fine, and the baby would be great because he has been kicking so hard.

I am 1 cm dilated, so I will have to be on bed rest. If it gets worse they said I would have to stay in the hospital the next 6 1/2 weeks until the baby is born.  He is now estimated to be 5.64 lbs according to the ultra sound measurements and there are no problems with the baby other then keeping him in there.

We got the ultra sound on video but the baby was covering his face with his hands crossed so not much in the video to show except the bone structures. So Tim is just going to leave it a VHS.


Unborn babies personalities

I’ve found that it already seems like our unborn baby is a part of our everyday lives. As soon as he was seen in the ultra sound he became a real person to my husband and I. With this real person came a whole set of unique character traits.

Our baby already seems to have his own personality. Curious, active, and when poked he’ll hit or kick back. He seems to prefer light to dark, because he’ll settle down with more light showing through the skin. He likes warm things, because he’ll actually move towards warm objects. He also likes to bounce and will do it on his own if he gets a good foot hold. He’s good at listening to voices, because he stays still if a new voice starts talking that he hasn’t heard before. When Tim talks hell freeze for a minute and then start up again moving more excitedly then he did before. He also seems to respond to music as well as other sounds. If I play a familiar song or Tim plays his game the baby will start moving more.

I wonder how much his personality will change once he is born. It is going to be interesting to find out.

Does anyone else think that babies personalities start being developed in the womb?

Baby rotated

My little one was in the heads down position with feet up. Then on Sunday he decided it was too cramped and decided to rotate with his head on the left and his feet on the right. It hurt when he rotated. Tim was right next to me and could feel and see his whole body as he moved positions. It was really weird. The baby seems to have more room now though. The movement that I feel now are very big and distinct, but I feel it’s movements a lot less then before. When he does his big movements my stomach looks like waves poping up all over at sea.

So far, for me, it’s actually more comfortable now that the baby moved left to right. I think he was just to tall for the up down position. He’s stretched out more now and I can feel him poking both sides of the rib cages. His heads in one and his feet like to kick the other. I seem to feel him everywhere in my stomach though. Left and right side as well as top and bottom. He really fills it up in there. I think my stomach needs to stretch more to give him more room. I keep picturing him poping out looking like popeye the sailorman on spinach. He hits and kicks that much..

I just hope I stretch enough, so that he can move back into a heads down position before I give labor. Only 9 weeks left until he arrives.

Doppler Kicking

Yesterday we went to the Dr for a check up. They pulled out my staples and then put super glue and cloth strips over the incision to help reinforce the closure as it healed. About way through I had the Dr. take a break so I could relax a little from the pain of pulling out the staples. She decided to check the babies heart beat during that time. As she put the Doppler on my tummy, the baby kicked it really hard. He continued to kick the Doppler whenever it was pressed down. The Dr. would move it to a new spot and the baby would start kicking or hitting it all over again. The kicks and hits were really hard and very loud. The Dr. had to leave it one place for a couple of minutes before our baby calmed down enough for us to hear his heart beat. It was pretty funny.

The baby is now 24 weeks along, which is about 5 months. We still have a lot to do before the baby gets here, but luckily we still have enough time.

Update on baby movements

Our baby feels even heavier this week then it did last week . He is always kicking up a storm. My husband has been able to feel him for the last month, but this last week and a half the babies gone movement crazy. His movements are now seen through my clothes and if something is on my lap it makes it jump.
My husband started putting his hand on my tummy trying to calm him down. Since I just had surgery some of the babies heavier kicks and hits really hurt, especially on the stapled area.

One night the baby was really active and was bonking me like I was a punching bag. My husband could feel movement on both sides of my tummy and where the babies head was. I could actually see parts of the arm and feet. It made quite an indent. I was really surprised, I thought that wasn’t possible until further along in the pregnancy. I’m about 5 1/2 months at this point.

This morning the baby was too quiet. I pushed a little bit to check on the baby and got a hard sharp kick so I know he is doing great. I guess I’m really lucky my baby is so active, even though it might hurt sometimes. Its nice to be reasurred that he is doing fine.

My cravings seem to be staying to fresh fruit and candy. Although I have been eating a lot of eggs since the protein is supposed to be great for the baby. The only thing I’ve found I can’t eat are banannas and sometimes milk, for some unknown reason they make me sick.


With everything that has been going on I accidentally skipped over posting about Christmas. While that may have been okay in some cases, in this case it wouldnt have been. It was a really amazing one with the new baby on the way. It felt like he was actually here, just no one could hold him except me. 🙂
For Christmas I wore a green dress that emphasized the tummy. Up to this time most people have only seen me in sweats and Tims t-shirts during the pregnancy. Usually with my jacket over it all. So my tummy was pretty much hidden. With comfy clothes like that its hard to see the baby bump. Well on Christmas with the dress it seemed to make it all real. All my family members kept staring at my tummy in excitement. There were a few wows mixed in with exclaims of your tummy is getting so big. It seemed to put a reality touch on it for everyone. Even family members who had just seen me the day before were surprised.

For Christmas Tim and I had all the grandparents write in the baby book and showed off the ultra sound pictures. Everyone was so nice and sat there and watched them all, even when Tim and I kept going back and showing off the same ones. Almost everyone seemed as excited as we are.

Everyone was very loving and gave the baby a lot of presents. They were addressed to the baby, or to my new nephew, with sweet notes like we cant wait to see you. The baby received new clothes from all the grandparents. The clothes are very soft and a few of them came with fleece blankets. My dad gave the baby a Raven good luck charm. The baby also received a few books and a big toy with shapes that can be pushed along different paths. The shape toy can usually be found in Dr. office waiting rooms. There was also a cute precious moments night light and a towel that had a frogs head on it so when it is wrapped around the baby they look like a little green frog. All the gifts were very special. Tim and I even bought the baby a gift. We bought a travel system that is a car seat and a stroller. The Graco with EPS lining, it was one of the few car seats that passed the safety tests conducted on baby seats in car crashes. I think what was even more precious then the gifts was all the love that was directed towards our new baby, it was palpable. Thank you everyone for the loving and caring vibes. With so much love directed his way, the baby had to have felt it as much as Tim and I did.

I hope everyone else is doing great. Stay in touch.


New Game with the baby

My baby likes to poke back on any pressure given on the stomach. I first noticed in the ultra sound when he was poking at something and the lady used the ultra sound monitor to get a better look. the baby started poking at the monitor. Later when I was feeling my tummy I noticed if I push a little harder the baby pushes back, usually in the same spot but not always. It became like a game to poke and get poked back.

I also slightly run my hands over the bulging part of the tummy and get a slight poke or movement. It seems like it’s tickling the baby. I think my baby is very sensitive on his skin. He also seems to be very curious because of the pokes back. It’s pretty fascinating.

My hubby is also able to see the movement so I call him over when it is repeated several times. Sometime he can see it, some times he cant. Either way, he usually walks away with a smile on his face.

Traumatic Surgery

For everyone that hasn’t heard I just had surgery due to a cyst they found in me when they were doing an ultra sound on the baby. The cyst was grapefruit size. So I went in Thursday to have it removed. This is what happend.

During surgery they found a couple of things. 1st the cyst is due to a disease I have called Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus (the endometrial stroma and glands, which should only be located inside the uterus) is found elsewhere in the body. It causes little brown spots all over the organs, which can be found everywhere including the brain. Symptoms is pain. It’s not contagious and it is caused by a gene sequence and passed down through genetics. It is also caused by estrogen in the body. A large number of women have it, but it is usually misdiagnosed since you can only spot it from exploratory surgery.

2nd the cyst was smaller then they thought. Baseball size instead of grapefruit. They left it in because it was lodged behind the baby and they couldn’t get to it without hurting him. It may also be possible to treat it through birth control pills after the baby is born. It is kind of a newly researched disease so it is in the trial stages of trying to cure it.

The baby fetus is now 22+ weeks and is doing very well. It came through the surgery like a pro. I can feel he is very strong and healthy through all it’s kicks and movements. I also was able to hear his heartbeat several times. It sounds great. A great video of our baby is at Just go to all things baby and click on the video picture to play it. There are 2d and 3d video towards the last 5 minutes. The beginning is kind of hard to understand since they are looking at specific organs, so feel free to jump ahead. The video was recorded of our baby at 21 weeks. The video was taken at Evergreen hospital.

I’m doing well too. A little sore from the foot long incision they had to make but I’m healing nicely. They put me on moderate bed rest just to make sure everything stayed fine with me and the baby.

Tim is working from home to watch over us. He is so very protective. I was so glad to have him stay at the hospital with me while I was there. Several times he had to protect me from incompetent nurses. One time we had a really big scare when I couldn’t breath due to an allergic reaction to a pill. He ran and got the nurse which gave a Benadral shot through an IV. I was very very lucky. Other times he had to stop the nurses from lowering the bed, which they really seemed to like to do, but it really hurt. I learned from this experience that if anyone has to have surgery they should bring a body guard that actually sleeps in the hospital with them.

I hope everyone else is doing great. Stay in touch.

Ultrasound Video

Converting the VHS video to a flash video was a small challenge. First I captured the VHS thru CATV cable to an MPEG file. Then I ran the digital file thru a Divx converter. From the Divx file, I imported the video into flash while trimming the start and end of the video. Lastly, flash exports a swf and flv file which you’ll be able to watch. Click on the picture below. I was able to compress the video from 750M down to 50M.

This video is of our baby at 21 weeks. Click on the picture to play the video.

2nd Ultra Sound follow up

Today I went to the Dr.s office. We had a talk about the ultra sound. Good news everything is great with the baby. Its big and healthy. They said that the babys due date was measured at May 5th, so they were just going to keep the original due date May 8th. Theres a possible two weeks before or 2 weeks after cushion on that due date. I was able to listen to the heart beat again. The first time its heart rate was at 140 beats per minute, and the second time he did it so Tim could hear it was at 150 bpm. The Dr. said the baby must have started becoming more active. I agreed, I could feel it moving.
The second part of the visit wasnt as wonderful. I guess while the baby is terrific, they found an ovarian cyst on me. This is very common though, so the Dr. said I dont have much to worry about. They are going to send me to Evergreen hospital to do a level 2 ultra sound to get a better view of exactly where it is. Supposedly, that is where they have the new high tech ultra sound equipment. Then he said they will likely do surgery. They say this will allow more room for the baby since the cyst is very big. The Dr. assured me that the surgery will not harm the baby and that I should be well in time to deliver. Im very lucky they found it. The cyst is about 5 x 5 x 4 inches. The sooner something like that is found the better.

On the positive side I will be able to see at least 2 more ultra sounds of the baby before it is here. Im so lucky to get to see the baby so much. Ill be able to see it as it grows in stages. There is something so breath taking in watching the baby move around. It always seems to have the cutest behaviors. Ill also be able to monitor it right up to the birth. This will help ease my mind knowing everything is going great.

On a side note, the baby is very strong. Last month Tim was able to see the baby kick me a couple of times. That is still very rare, but spectacular due to the fact that it is so uncommon at this time. Tim is also able to feel the baby move. I think it is really sweet how often Tims hand drifts to the belly to feel the baby move around. Im so glad he is so involved in everything as much as possible and knowing hes there is very heart warming.


Second Ultrasound

Linae and Tim went to their second ultrasound; this time using the big machine. We were able to have about 40+ pictures taken. We ended up with a CD with 4 of the pictures. Tomorrow, we’ll see if we can get the rest. Here is a glimpse at our upcoming baby boy.

Today we went to the hospital and had our 2nd Ultra Sound. We were very excited. I couldnt sleep very well last night because I was so wound up. Tim seemed to toss and turn too, but that might be because he has been fighting a cold. It seemed to take forever to get to the hospital and then when we finally arrived there was more waiting. We took the time to look at the baby memory book we bought. Also interestingly, there was a kid in the waiting room dressed like Willy Wonka in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. He had short purple hair, a weird outfit, and the tall black hat. It was pretty funny.

When we were finally taken back to the ultra sound room I laid on this long flat bed. The monitor was in front of me so I couldnt see the screen. Every once in a while I would crink my neck and do a crunch type of sit up to see the screen. I was told not to do it several times, but I so wanted to see the ultra sound. I asked if I could move down, but she told me to stay where I was and I could see it after she was done taking the pictures she needed for the radiologist. I was a little disappointed in that because the last time I was able to see everything. Tim was able to see the whole process clearly on the monitor though. I kept looking at Tim during the ultra sound and he had a huge smile on his face. As the ultra sound went on I would slowly move down on the bed. The lady in charge took a few minutes at the end to do an ultra sound where I could see movement, but it was nothing like what I could have seen if she had just slightly moved the monitor or had me lay a few inches further down on the bed.

There were a few big moments in the ultra sounds. The first was finding out that most of the movement I have been feeling is the baby head butting me. I had thought I was just feeling it hit and kick my lower abdomen, but it turns out that is were its head has been. So all those kicks had to be head butts. Although it does move around like crazy. Last time it was the feet down there. Its also very fast. The ultra sound lady would go to snap a picture and the baby would be off the screen or be completely in a different direction. I can just picture it floating around in the womb doing summer salts.

The next big moment was finding out its gender. At first, I didnt think we were going to be able to because it had its legs crossed again. But, as she moved upwards with the scanner we were able to see that it was a boy. Its two upper thighs were spread apart and there was the traits of all little boys right in the middle for all that were looking to see. The baby is definitely a boy!

The third big moment was funny. In the ultra sounds the baby has a tendency to stretch up with its arms. This time instead of waving it would poke at things. Its little arm would reach up and poke, poke, poke. Tim said it looked like the baby was poking at something specific. Then when the scanner came at it to get a better look, the baby started poking at the scanner. It was cute and funny.

Everything looked very well. The heart was beating strongly. The ultra sound lady was able to get a clear shot of all 4 chambers of the babys heart. Its back bone was very distinguished, it looked healthy too. Although it was scrunched up in the fetal position so the top part of the back bone was curved due to its head looking downwards. The baby measured from bent head to curved rump at 10 inches. We saw the toes and the hands, all looked normal there too. So over all it looks like itll be a very fast, strong, curious, healthy baby boy.

While they were looking at the baby they saw some concerns in me. So tomorrow I go back to the doctors to discuss what they see. Maybe they found what ever has been causing me random sharp stomach pains for the last couple of years. Maybe they will be able to fix whatever it is. Im sure its nothing to worry about and just maybe Ill be able to get to see the baby move around inside of me a little bit more. I am also supposed to be able to go through all the ultra sound pictures with the Dr. That should be fun. Only 4 more months until I can hold the baby. Until then Ill enjoy having it close because Im sure it will grow up so fast.


First Ultrasound

Today Linae and Tim went to the hospital and were able to see and hear the baby for the first time. It was really amazing…
First we listened to the babys heart beat. It sounded really healthy. Tim thought it sounded like the noise on Star Trek where tractor beams are used or the old fashion space movies where they get sucked into flying saucers. I thought that was funny because it sounded about right to me, although I thought of the space movies where the alien was marching along and they used the noise to distinguish the scariness factor.

When I think of its arrival though, none of those things come to mind. We are both excited as can be and cant wait for the baby to arrive. Where we can hold the baby, play with it, and teach it exciting new things.

The second thing we did at the doctors office is see the babies ultra sound. It was amazing. The baby was so little. The first thing we saw was the head. It was very big compared to the rest of its little body, which is how it should be. Then we saw the babys stomach, where I saw the little heart beating really strong. Then I saw the little arms. They kept moving up and down. Next we saw a white line of the legs.

At first the baby was very still, but then it moved around and we were able to see the baby from the side point of view. From the side we could see the face with its cute eyes and nose. We could see the back bone. It was very similar to a skeletal point of view. Tim compared the baby to a fish, which was kind of funny. We really wanted to see if it was a boy or girl but the baby was very modest. The baby had its legs squeezed together and crossed.

What I think was the most remarkable is the arms and hands, The baby kept raising its arms above its head and opening and closing its hands. It was so adorable. It was like the baby was waving hello to us. S/he did it several times, and every time it happened Id catch my breath. It was amazing to see the baby for the first time in the ultra sound. I cant wait to see it again. Now whenever the baby moves and tickle inside my tummy I have an image of it.