Nehe Firefox Plugin Contest

Now that the Nehe Winamp Plugin results have finially been posted. I’m going to try and motivate some Nehe followers to get interested in a Firefox Plugin contest.

The technical aspects appear to be already worked out. And Firefox has really good documentation. The contest would be to run OpenGL code from within a Firefox plugin. The “Windowless” demo from the Gecko Plugin SDK uses Win32 calls to draw, so it shouldn’t hard to get OpenGL to work.

Just need to put this in here:

Piece of cake:

Ultra Useful Regular Expression

# urlify - turn URL's into HTML links
my $text = "Check the website,";
$text =~ 
		b			# start at word boundary
		(			# capture to $1
		(https?|telnet|gopher|file|wais|ftp) :
					# resource and colon
		[w/#~:.?+=&%@!-] +?	# one or more valid
					# characters
					# but take as little as
					# possible
		(?=			# lookahead
			[.:?-] *	# for possible punct
			(?: [^w/#~:.?+=&%@!-]	# invalid character
			  | $ )		# or end of string
	}{<a href="$1">link</a>}igox;

What is Highway Safety?

Here’s a picture of my Toyota ’95 Pickup. About two weeks after buying it, a rock quary truck dropped a rock the size of a football in front of me on highway 522 (55 MPH == 110 MPH football sized rock) outside Monroe, effectively taking my Toyota logo with it. And seizing my hood shut. Luckily it stopped before it took out my radiator. Luckily no major damage to me!