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Making Fish #3 with Zbrush

This weekend I figured out how to create and encode DivX video files. I configured WinXP Pro to use a dual video display and pipe a clone of the screen via SVIDEO. I used a SVIDEO cable to pipe the SVIDEO out directly into the SVIDEO in and used Dr. DivX Live Capture to record the video feed. Then I opened up the recorded AVI in Dr. DivX again and reduced the video size from 45M to about 8M, sacrificing some quality. I recorded audio using a microphone, in this version it just sounds like mumbling. I’ll work the audio part out later. With that said, take a look at the [making of fish #3]. You’ll need to DivX codec from [].


UTF8 Encoding with C# .NET

Occasionally when working with the web you may need to UTF8 encode something you are working on. Here’s a little snippet that shows how to UTF8 encode in C#.

String script = "A string that I need to UTF8 Encode!";
if(script == null || script.Length == 0)
return "";
System.Text.UTF8Encoding newUTF8Encoding = new System.Text.UTF8Encoding();
System.Text.Encoder newEncoder = newUTF8Encoding.GetEncoder();
Int32 encodingLength =
newEncoder.GetByteCount(script.ToCharArray(), 0, script.Length, true);
Byte[] encodedScript = new Byte[ encodingLength ];
newEncoder.GetBytes(script.ToCharArray(), 0, script.Length, encodedScript, 0, true);
String uft8Script = "";
foreach(Byte b in encodedScript)
uft8Script += "&#"+(Int32)b+";";

Diving into Avalon March 2005 Preview

[MS Channel 9] gave an excellent presentation of this months preview of the Avalon CTP. After taking [a more indepth look at the team], I was able to gather enough information to download the CTP. I plan to immediately take a look at the sample code and jump right in. The installation process was simple. Now on to trying a program referenced in the videos called [Zam 3D ™].

Mono 1.1.6 on Mandriva 2005 LE

Installing the latest version of Mono (mono-1.1.6-3mdk.i586) was as easy as “urpmi mono”.

[root@athelo tgraupmann]# urpmi mono
To satisfy dependencies, the following 4 packages are going to be installed (28 MB):
Is this OK? (Y/n) y

See [this story] for more detailed information.

Easy Urpmi

[Easy Urpmi] is the best way to install packages on Mandrake Linux/Mandiva Linux. Running ” urpmi ” as root in the console automatically finds and installs all the dependencies for a particular set of packages. It already saves me hours of time by getting and installing all the binary packages that I need in an instant.


I finally ordered a [this laptop] from [] and I can say I’ve been impressed every day and would recommend it for others.

Here are the specs:
Battalion 101 SC-Turbo ($2,969.00)
Case ( Battalion-101 SC-Turbo 17″ 16:10 Wide Screen WSXGA 1680×1050 LCD TFT Notebook w/Li-Ion Battery, Universal AC Power, Deluxe Carrying Case Original Metallic Silver/Black 2-Tone )
Flash Media Reader/Writer ( Build-in 7-in-i Media Card Reader/Writer [Notebook] )
Carrying Case ( Free Delux Carrying Case )
Processor ( [Socket-775] Intel® Pentium-4 Processor 630 [3.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 800MHz FSB, 64-Bit + HT Ready] )
Operation System ( MS Windows XP Professional Edition )
USB Port ( Build-in 4x USB 2.0 Ports [Notebook] )
Memory ( 2048MB(512MB X4) DDR2-533 PC4200 [Notebook Memory] Major Brand )
Video Card ( User-Upgradable Mobility 256MB nVidia 6800 Go PCI-Express Video )
IEEE-1394 Fire Wire Card ( Build-in 2x IEEE-1394 Firewire Port [Notebook] )
USB Flash Drive ( None )
Hard Drive ( 80 GB 5400rpm ATA-100 Super Slim Notebook Hard Drive )
2nd Hard Drive ( None )
MP3 Player ( None )
TV Tuner ( Build-in TV Tuner with Remote Control [SC-Series] )
Video Camera ( Build-in Digital Web Video Camera )
Raid Configuration ( None )
CD-RW/DVD-RW Drive ( 8x Dual Format/Double Layer DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive [SC-Turbo] )
Headset ( None )
Sound Card ( 3D Premium Surround Sound Onboard )
Fax Modem ( Build-in 56K V.92 Fax Modem [Notebook] )
Wireless Network Adapter ( [FREE] Wireless LAN Wi-Fi 802.11g 54Mbps Mini-PCI Module )
Network Card ( Build-in 10/100/1000 Network LAN [Notebook] )

Somebody on the Pricewatch forums mentioned that you can build custom laptops thru [].
[] known as Sagar notebooks carries similar inventory to to Alienware.
[] has highly recommended – high performance gaming laptops, yet slightly overpriced.
[DELL] is a well known corporate supplier, unfortunately they carry many overpriced products.

Get the Clevo SATA drivers [here].

[The manual]

I am not sure what the [maximum memory] could be.