Unreal: Speech Plugins

I created repositories to hold some new Unreal projects.

Documentation: [UnrealHTML5SpeechDetection] [private repo]

[Demo 01 – Speech Dictation]


Default Local Build: [localhost:8000]

[Unreal: HTML5 – Getting Started]

[How to reduce HTML5 package size?]

Files Required for Final Deployment

*.js.gz   - compressed JavaScript files.
*.data    - compressed game content.
*.mem     - compressed memory initialization file.
*.html    - uncompressed landing page.
*.symbols - uncompressed symbols, if necessary.

[HTML5: Call C++ UFUNCTION from Webpage via JavaScript]

[HTML5Platform.Automation.cs] includes [GameX.html.template]

[Connecting C++ and HTML5] [info]

Video: [Getting started with Emscripten – Transpiling C / C++ to JavaScript / HTML5]




[UE4 Improvements]


Pull Request: [Add support for including project and plugin JS]