New MySQL Tutorial — & Win2k Install

This new tutorial covers where to get a free mysql database and a free apache/mod perl web server. Along with how to create and add tables to your MySQL database. How to configure the Apache MySQL drivers/wrappers and lastly, a sample perl script to connect to your MySQL database. MySql Tutorial.
Some useful commands when installing a MySQL database on Win2k.

  1. Install MySQL in the default directory c:/mysql
  2. Add c:/mysql/bin to the path
  3. Stop an existing MySQL database Windows Service:
    net stop mysql

  4. Remove an existing MySQL service:
    mysqld-nt –remove

  5. Shutdown MySQL if it’s running:
    mysqladmin -u root shutdown

  6. Test if MySQL is configured properly:
    mysqld-nt –console

  7. Again shutdown the MySQL database:
    mysqladmin -u root shutdown

  8. Install MySQL as a Windows Service:
    mysqld-nt –install

  9. Start the MySQL database Windows Service:
    net start mysql

  10. Connect to the MySQL database

Commands successfully tested with Win2k and [MySQL 4.0]

Here is more excellent documentation on how to access MySQL from C# using the ODBC drivers. 7.5 Can I access MySQL from .NET environment using Connector/ODBC ?
Exploring MySQL in the Microsoft .NET Environment
ByteFX.Data – MySQL Native .NET Providers

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